Intercultural seminars for authorities

Intercultural seminars for authorities

Seminars and trainings for representatives of local and national government who have migrants amongst their customers.

Your work is often held up due to poor communication with your customers. In order to make your day-to-day work run more smoothly, this seminar aims to make you aware of intercultural differences and provide you with the necessary communication techniques.

Content of the course on intercultural training

  • Adminstrative culture and hierarchies in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Serbia and the Czech Republic)
  • Cultural models according to Hofstede and Trompenaars
  • The basics of intercultural communication according to Schulz von Thun
  • Intercultural conflict management according to ATCC (confluent theory, transaction analysis, systematic approach etc.)


  • Participants get to know the administrative systems in other countries
  • Participants become receptive to intercultural differences and appreciate them
  • Participants recognize intercultural conflicts and learn how to deal with them constructively
  • Participants improve their communications skills in an intercultural context

Methods: interactive exercises, role-playing (psychodrama) and mediation techniques.

The seminars can be held in English, French and Russian. Alterations to the seminar programme can be made by prior arrangement.

The fee for the trainer is Euro 800 + VAT per day.